Indian automaker Maruti Suzuki introduces the Metaverse Showroom Experience

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One of India’s largest automakers, Maruti Suzuki, has said that it will expand its retail customer experience into the metaverse.

On January 1, the business made the announcement that it would develop a VR (virtual reality) network for its Arena showroom series, enabling its consumers to experience the Maruti Suzuki Cars online or through authorized dealers.

Automakers are starting to use virtual reality and the metaverse to give buyers an alternative perspective on their products.

One of India’s top automakers, Maruti Suzuki, has said that it will begin offering immersive experiences for its vehicle lineup in metaverse-based dealerships.

The business, which has built millions of vehicles for the Indian market, recently announced the introduction of its Arena Verse network, which enables users to communicate with any of the company’s vehicles.

Customers can customize these cars with a variety of options, viewing the suggested modifications in a virtual version of the car.

Customers should be able to see a complete virtual picture of the cars available and their features, according to Maruti Suzuki.

To provide customers the complete Arenaverse metaverse showroom experience, the company has already given 700 VR headsets to its dealer network across the nation.

The metaverse has been utilized in various ways by other automakers as well.

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