Grayscale Outlines Cardano’s Key Pros and Cons in New Report


Leading cryptocurrency asset manager Grayscale released a new report about Cardano as part of its series of educational cryptocurrency overviews called “Building Blocks.”

In the report, the investment firm has outlined the main advantages of the third-largest cryptocurrency as well as some of the major risks associated with it.

Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of Input Output, is seen as the driving force behind the blockchain, with his “compelling vision” being singled out as one of Cardano’s key strengths.

The Cardano Treasury, which currently boasts a war chest of $1.5 billion, is also believed to be the project’s forte.

Cardano’s strong community, wide accessibility as well as decentralization, which became possible after last year’s Shelley upgrade, have also been mentioned by Grayscale as the top reasons why the blockchain is likely to succeed.

As reported by U.Today, ADA became the third-biggest holding of Grayscale’s Digital Large Cap Fund in early July.