Gold and silver prices remain stable despite China’s civil unrest, while equity and cryptocurrency markets struggle.

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According to reports released on Monday, the top four Wall Street indices are experiencing difficulties as a result of the protests in China over the zero-Covid policy, which has a negative impact on market mood.

On the other hand, the cost of precious metals like gold and silver has been stable ever since November.

3, the price of an ounce of gold against the US dollar has increased by 7.06%.

Despite the shaky state of the world economy, precious metals continue to outperform stocks and digital assets.

Despite the chaos in the world, precious metals like gold and silver are remaining stable.

According to some reports, China’s zero-Covid policies are the cause of the civil unrest that occurred on Monday in the market.

A troy ounce of fine gold was going for 1,629 nominal U. S. dollars on that particular day.

Since then, the USD value of silver has increased as well, with an ounce of fine silver costing less than $20 on November 3.

Both precious metals (Ag and Au) have performed better than stocks and digital currency assets over the past 25 days.

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