Flying Sheep Studios raises $1.2 million from the German government to develop Metaverse online game

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German, a rising Metaverse company in Cologne, announced its funding of $1.2 million from the German government. The collected funds will be used to develop an online Metaverse game called “Star Life”, a multi-media experimental game online.

These funds come from the Federal German Ministry of Economy and Energy, which is part of the allowance used by the federal government to support interactive experiments. This funding has allowed the company to hire more staff to accelerate the game’s completion.

Thomas Roswig, CEO of Flying Sheep Studios, stated that this type of support is important for the development of the national Metaverse and video game industry. He explained:

“We are grateful to the Federal German Ministry of Economy and Energy for their support and confidence in our project. This funding shows that the federal budget for electronic games is working as intended, promoting the development of modern technical experiences made in Germany.”

Details of the Star Life game

Star Life is the game that will be developed using the collected funding, and it will be a free game anywhere, focusing on collaboration and communication among different users, who will be part of the game’s virtual Metaverse.

The Star Life game will integrate blockchain elements with NFTs, and players will be able to transfer purchased items to other games and Metaverses, giving them more control over how these optional items are managed on the platform and even creating conversion options for money. However, no digital code has been announced for the game yet.

Although reports expect the Metaverse to face a slowdown in 2023, some countries have taken on direct funding for these projects, as is the case in South Korea, which recently announced an investment of $51 million in Metaverse-related projects. However, private companies such as Meta have already begun to lead the way in this field

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