FINMA Approves Taurus Retail Trading Platform for Tokenised Securities

    The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) has granted approval to Taurus, a digital asset infrastructure provider, to extend its TDX trading platform to retail investors. In a statement, Yann Isola, TDX head of product, envisions the digitisation of private markets, making acquiring private securities as seamless as purchasing from an online retailer.

    • FINMA approves retail trading platform for tokenised securities by Taurus.
    • TDX trading platform now accessible to retail investors.
    • Experts predict 2024 as the year of tokenisation surge.
    • New institutional investment expected post-approval of US Bitcoin spot ETFs.
    • Taurus highlights enhanced liquidity for digital securities in primary and secondary markets.

    FINMA greenlights Taurus’ retail trading platform for tokenised securities, marking a milestone in digitising private markets. The move aligns with the projected surge in tokenisation for 2024, following recent regulatory approvals. Taurus aims to simplify access to digital assets for retail investors, emphasizing increased liquidity in primary and secondary markets.

    Industry experts foresee 2024 as a pivotal year for tokenisation. This approval aligns with the broader trend, especially following the recent green light for US Bitcoin spot ETFs, indicating a growing institutional interest in the digital asset space.

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