EU Seals Digital ID Wallet Deal, Hints at Digital Euro Integration

    The European Union (EU) concludes a landmark agreement for a continent-wide digital ID wallet program, poised to enhance access to both government and private services. Commissioner Thierry Breton hints at potential integration with the Digital Euro, marking a significant step towards Europe’s Digital Decade goals.

    The European Parliament and EU Council finalize an agreement paving the way for a comprehensive digital ID wallet initiative across the EU. This builds on the earlier digital ID political pact, aiming to streamline access to public and private services through a user-friendly mobile app. Commissioner Thierry Breton lauds the development, emphasizing the wallet’s commitment to the “highest level of security and privacy.” Notably, private entities like Amazon and Facebook must adhere to European standards for public identification checks using these digital ID services.

    Looking ahead, Breton suggests a potential fusion of the digital ID wallet with the upcoming Digital Euro. Member of the European Parliament, Robert Roos, highlights Breton’s post-agreement statement, hinting at the EU’s intention to populate the newly established identity wallet with the Digital Euro, currently in its preparatory phase. These strides align with the EU’s broader initiative, “Europe’s Digital Decade,” focusing on extensive digitization of governmental and private sectors.

    Ratification pending, if approved, Member States will deploy EU Digital Identity Wallets within 24 months, following the adoption of technical specifications.

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