Ethereum developers focus on staked ether withdrawals as they get ready to launch the Shanghai public testnet

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Ethereum developers are getting ready to launch a public testnet for the eagerly awaited Shanghai hard fork in February 2023, with the mainnet deployment tentatively set for March, according to the Jan. 5, 2023 All Core Devs (ACD) conference. In order to maintain the focus on staked withdrawals, code pertaining to changes to the EVM Object Format, or EOF, was removed from Shanghai, as stated by Ethereum’s core developers.

Staked Withdrawal Priority: Shanghai Public Testnet Deployment Scheduled for February, Hard Fork Tentatively Set for March
The 151st Ethereum developers meeting was covered by News in the first week of December 2022, and the programmers just wrapped up the 152nd meeting on January 5, 2023. The majority of the discussion at the meeting was about getting rid of the EOF implementation in Shanghai, and the developers opted to postpone reviewing any Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs) pertaining to EOF until after the Shanghai hard fork is over.

Tim Beiko, an Ethereum core developer, and Christine Kim, a research associate at Galaxy Digital, both provided summaries of the ACD conference. After the meeting, Beiko stated, “On the Shanghai front, a first devnet with all client combinations was setup right before Christmas.” Some pairs struggle more than others when they are all jogging.

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The Devops programmer Barnabus Busa gave the team an update on the testing of staked ETH withdrawals, according to Galaxy’s research associate. He claimed that the Shanghai developer test network, which was shortly before Christmas, had advanced to block 4,000, Kim recalled. “On this testnet, all EL and CL client combinations are active. Teku-Erigon and Lighthouse-Erigon are two client pairings that are having problems.

The community has been very worried about withdrawing staked ether, and many people are curious as to when it will happen. The Shanghai hard fork is anticipated to go live by March, according to the Ethereum developers, who also mentioned that a new testnet will be launched the following month.

valid 760x428 115.96 million ether are now locked under the Beacon deposit contract as of the time of writing. Additionally, the network will reach 500,000 validators in a few of days. The Ethereum development team’s next significant advancement after The Merge will be the Shanghai fork.

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