Elon Musk calls reports on a Latin American digital currency “probably a good idea” and praises them

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Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, SpaceX, and Tesla, has commented on recent rumors that Argentina and Brazil may be working on creating a unified currency for Latam.

Musk commented on the subject on social media and said that the action would “probably be a good idea.”

Elon Musk Discusses the Latin American Common Currency

There have already been reactions all around the world to the most recent news that Brazil and Argentina will begin to examine the creation of a unified currency for Latam.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and Twitter, recently expressed his support for the creation of such a currency that would help the Latam countries establish a shared economic space.

Musk responded to a tweet that claimed more Latam countries would be invited to join the scheme to establish the second-largest currency union after the European Union.

Sergio Massa, Argentina’s minister of economics, cautioned that this conversation would just be the first step in creating the currency that is currently known as “sur,” and that it might take some time for this endeavor to be finished.

Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki has been warning his readers about this for some time, claiming that the U.S. dollar was “toast” when Saudi Arabia announced its decision to join BRICS in October.

Additionally, Kiyosaki advised purchasing bitcoin to prevent the dollar’s crash, which he predicted would happen by January 2023.

On social media in March, Musk gave advice to his followers on inflation rates and his belief that it is best to use cash to buy tangible things.

In general, when inflation is strong, it is preferable to own tangible assets like a home or shares in companies you believe produce high-quality items than than dollars, according to folks seeking advise from this thread.

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