El Salvador’s Bitcoin Commitment Holds Strong Amid Elections

    El Salvador remains resolute in its commitment to Bitcoin, with Vice President Félix Ulloa asserting continuity regardless of election outcomes. IMF's suggestions and upcoming general elections do not sway the country's groundbreaking stance on Bitcoin.

    • El Salvador’s Vice President Félix Ulloa affirms commitment to Bitcoin if reelected.
    • IMF approaches El Salvador to reconsider Bitcoin policies during $1.3-billion loan negotiations.
    • Ulloa emphasizes the credibility of El Salvador’s Bitcoin law globally.
    • Plans for tax-free Bitcoin City and issuing passports for BTC investors to proceed.
    • General elections scheduled for Feb. 4, 2024, with Bukele likely to secure a second term.
    • Bitfinex Securities launches in El Salvador, citing positive financial performance driven by Bitcoin.

    El Salvador’s Bitcoin Stance Holds Firm Amid Elections

    Vice President Félix Ulloa of El Salvador expresses unwavering confidence in maintaining the country’s commitment to Bitcoin, regardless of election outcomes. Ulloa, temporarily on leave for reelection alongside President Nayib Bukele, rebuffs IMF’s suggestions to reconsider Bitcoin policies during loan negotiations. El Salvador’s groundbreaking decision to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender in 2021 remains steadfast, with Ulloa highlighting its global credibility. Plans for a tax-free Bitcoin City and offering passports to million-dollar BTC contributors are set to proceed.

    Elections and Beyond

    As El Salvador gears up for the general elections on Feb. 4, 2024, President Bukele aims for a second term, facing criticism but maintaining substantial voter support. Despite initial resistance and global regulatory concerns, El Salvador’s commitment to Bitcoin endures. Bitfinex Securities’ recent launch in the country attests to the positive impact of Bitcoin on El Salvador’s financial landscape.

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