El Salvador’s Miss Universe Rep Shines in Volcanic Goddess Attire Celebrating Bitcoin Mining

    Isabella García-Manzo, Miss El Salvador 2023, steals the spotlight with her volcano-themed costume at the Miss Universe preliminary contest. The outfit symbolizes the nation’s embrace of Bitcoin mining using volcanic energy, highlighting El Salvador’s transformative journey.

    In a spectacular display at the 2023 Miss Universe preliminary costume contest, Isabella García-Manzo, representing El Salvador, wowed the audience with her “volcanic empowerment costume.” Featuring a sun-adorned crown and a vibrant orange dress transitioning to crimson and charcoal, the costume illuminated in bright orange, resembling a volcanic eruption. The symbolic attire pays homage to the nation’s volcanoes, now harnessed for Bitcoin mining, showcasing the fusion of nature’s power and human resilience.

    The costume, dubbed by its designer as a “volcanic goddess” ensemble, signifies the rebirth of El Salvador. The announcer emphasized its representation of transformative forces, aligning with the country’s recent shifts, including the adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender in 2021. Despite limited on-the-ground usage, Bitcoin’s acceptance has catalyzed a doubling of tourism figures since 2019, marking a significant chapter in El Salvador’s evolution.

    In 2022, Miss El Salvador’s Bitcoin-themed attire conveyed a narrative of currency evolution, from cocoa to BTC. This year’s volcanic goddess costume further underscores the nation’s embrace of change and the interplay between tradition and innovation.

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