DIP-5 is officially effective! vDODO transfer function is enabled


DIP-5 proposes to support the vDOOD token transfer function to allow vDODO token holders to use vDODO tokens in more application scenarios.
The vDODO transfer function is currently enabled. vDODO holders can add the vDODO contract address (0xc4436fBAE6eBa5d95bf7d53Ae515F8A707Bd402A) in the wallet, and then they can see their vDODO quantity and transfer it. If there is liquidity, they can also perform transactions.
Even if the owner of vDODO is transferred, the new holder can still get vDODO pledge rewards, but the invitation relationship will change.
If the new holder does not mint to generate a new vDODO, then the default inviter of this address is the 0x address (0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000), that is, 10% of the vDODO pledge income of this address will be allocated to the 0x address by default, and this part of the income will be permanently destroyed . (The total amount of DODO will be reduced)
If the new holder re-casts a new vDODO and sets up a new inviter, the equity of the newly generated vDODO and the vDODO obtained through transaction or transfer will be changed. All vDODO pledge rewards 10% of the income will be changed. Will be given to new inviters.
For example: your wallet address has obtained vDODO through transfer. In addition to vDODO tokens, you can also get a certain APY pledge income reward. The number of vDODO will be automatically accumulated in your wallet. When you want to change vDODO to DODO, you need to redeem it on the vDODO page of the DODO website, and a part of the fine will be deducted.
The second is about the invitation relationship (it can be actively set in the vDODO page, and an account is only allowed to be set once). If your address receives vDODO and does not perform any operation by default, then 10% of your vDODO revenue will be destroyed by default . If your address has an additional DODO and you have made another casting, then you will have the right to modify the inviter at this time and share 10% of the vDODO income from then on to the inviter. Please note that 10% is an additional bonus, which has no effect on your earnings.