Despite market declines and the collapse of the FTX, rock legend Gene Simmons is holding cryptocurrency

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Gene Simmons, the lead vocalist of the rock band Kiss, has acknowledged that despite the crypto winter and the failure of cryptocurrency exchange FTX he continues to possess cryptocurrencies.

I firmly believe in it the rock icon declared

Simmons emphasized: “Personaly, I’m holding, but everybody should do their own due diligence” while mentioning that he has various cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin and ethereum.

‘Deep in Crypto,’ claims Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons, a rock icon, said on Thursday that he continues to retain cryptocurrencies despite the crypto winter and the failure of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX.

When asked by Crypto Housewife if he is “still hodling” his cryptocurrencies at his Moneybag Vodka launch event in Alberta, Canada, Simmons responded, “Well, I’m not going to advocate or recommend anything.

I don’t provide financial advice. The rock icon continued, “But since you ask, yes, I’m deeply involved in crypto.”

I possess several cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, litecoin, and ethereum. I personally hold, but each person should conduct their own research.

This year has seen many significant collapses in the cryptocurrency sector, including the collapse of FTX last month and the implosion of the Terra blockchain in May.

Despite the decline in the cryptocurrency market, he claimed to have not sold any of his coins in June.

Simmons claimed in a May interview with American Songwriter that he frequently found himself thinking about cryptocurrencies.

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