Crypto Scam Tweet Discovered on Verified Robinhood Account on Twitter; Post Removed by Company

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On Wednesday, January 25, 2023, several reports claim that the Twitter account of Robinhood was hacked.

The account tweeted about a Binance Smart Chain coin that was offered on the decentralized exchange Pancakeswap.

Less than $1,000 worth of transactions were made on the token prior to Robinhood taking down the tweet, according to an investigation of the situation on the blockchain.

Limited Impact of Scam Tweet Shared by Robinhood’s Twitter Account Revealed by Onchain Analysis

Twitter users were talking about how Robinhood’s verified Twitter account, @Robinhoodapp, which has a gold checkmark, posted a scam tweet on Wednesday around 12:30 p.m. Eastern Time.

The tweet from Robinhood has since been removed, however it is still accessible through an snapshot and the multiple screenshots shared on Twitter.

Reminder: We are launching our NEW TOKEN ($RBH) on the Binance Smart Chain, according to the tweet.

You can purchase at a starting price of $0.0005 to be among the first to do so. The @Robinhoodapp account sent out the tweet, which also contained a link to the Pancakeswap exchange where the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) currency is listed.

the now-deleted post sent on Wednesday by the official Robinhood Twitter account.

On Wednesday, one Twitter user commented, “Oh my God.”

The Twitter account for Robinhood has been compromised.

Another Twitter user commented, “Robinhood’s official Twitter account appears to have been hijacked.”

Conor Grogan, a Coinbase employee who as a pastime tweets about onchain movements, tweeted about the scam as well.

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It appears that Robinhood’s social media accounts were compromised, the onchain researcher tweeted.

Before the link was removed, they only managed to get about 10 individuals to click on the fake token. Grgan continued:

No tweets concerning the problem or a confirmation of whether the account was hacked have yet been posted by the @Robinhoodapp Twitter account.

On the social media site, the account has 1.1 million followers in total.

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