Crypto Miners Blamed for Power Supply Deficit in Kazakhstan, Government Mulls Restrictions


Kazakhstan is facing electricity shortages and cryptocurrency mining has been singled out as the main culprit. Amid an ongoing crackdown in China, the Central Asian nation has become a magnet for crypto miners who are taking advantage of its low electricity rates.

Republic of Kazakhstan Sees 7% Increase in Electricity Demand Due to Crypto Miners
Kazakhstan plans to boost its power generating capacities in the coming years but right now the country is experiencing electricity shortages. In 2021, consumption has surged by 7% in comparison with last year, a government official revealed at a press conference.

The spike in demand is largely due to a growing number of data centers devoted to cryptocurrency mining, Energy Minister Magzum Mirzagaliev told local media this week, referring to numbers released by the grid operator, KEGOC. Stressing that “this is a very big increase,” he stated:

We need to make a number of decisions. First, we must be able to ensure that system operators have the right to limit or reduce the consumption primarily of mining data centers at a time when there may be a shortage of electricity.