Copper, Led by Former UK Chancellor, Launches Tokenized Securities in UAE

    London-based crypto firm, Copper, led by ex-British Chancellor Phillip Hammond, is set to introduce tokenized securities in Abu Dhabi through its arm, Copper Securities. The move aims to tap into institutional investor demand, leveraging blockchain technology for global accessibility.

    Copper, under the guidance of former British Chancellor Phillip Hammond, is gearing up to debut tokenized securities via its UAE-based arm, Copper Securities, in early 2023. The initiative targets the growing demand from institutional investors.

    Regulatory approval is underway in Abu Dhabi for this pioneering move, allowing Copper to utilize blockchain for securities financing and payment solutions globally. Over 90 markets worldwide are expected to be accessible through this platform.

    Hammond, with ties to the region, envisions the transformative potential of blockchain in the financial sector. Tokenization of assets, a trend gaining traction in 2023, enables the conversion of financial assets into digital tokens on a blockchain.

    This facilitates fractional ownership, enhancing market liquidity and democratizing access to high-value assets.

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