Burency Exchange announces competitions and awards worth up to $7,500


Want to win exciting rewards worth up to $1,000? Check out how to participate in the competition and take advantage of rewards totalling $7,500

In an announcement on Medium News, the Burency Exchange announced a cryptocurrency competition on the platform as of September 10, posting the advertisement on social media sites, and the prizes are worth $7,500, the announcement said:

We are not just excited, but thrilled to announce that starting from September 10, Burency Exchange will be hosting a Global Crypto Trading Competition where you can win pool prizes worth $7,500! Keep an eye on our social media platforms where we will be revealing more details about the competition, winner announcement, and much more.

Where cryptocurrency trading skills can be displayed, and, of course, winners will have a range of awards. So you should prepare for this exciting competition that starts on September 10.

Users who have been registered and approved on the Burency Exchange are already eligible to participate for free. For those wishing to participate in the competition, they must have an account on the Burency Exchange, where the greater the volume of trading done by the participant in the challenge, the more likely it is to win a set of rewards worth $7,500, with the first competitor winning a prize of $1,000.

What rewards are waiting for the lucky ones?

The rules are simple! The lucky winners of the competition will be selected based on the total volume of trading they do in the Burency Exchange throughout the competition. The more the contestant trades, the more likely he is to enter the subscriber list, the competition starts from 10 September. Here is a quick overview of the awards awaiting the lucky 100 winners:

The Burency Exchange posted on its official Twitter site about the competition’s terms:

If You Are Interested, Here’s All You Need To Keep In Mind

  • All users signed up and approved on the Burency Exchange are eligible to participate in the competition.
  • The Burency Exchange reserves all rights to cancel or amend rules of the campaign at their sole discretion.
  • Rewards will be issued in BUY within 14 days following the campaign and can be seen in your wallet section.

Entry to the competition is completely free, it’s fun to play, there’s no problem, no subscription fees, and you might actually earn some cryptocurrencies. Showcase, refine and improve your skills by participating and be among the top 100 traders in the world to take advantage of a $7,500 prize pool.

Despite many crypto assets and investment options, Burency has positioned itself as a leading platform dealing with key crypto challenges, as well as investing in R&D to make it a safer crypto industry platform.

So, by joining the Burency Exchange and participating in this campaign, subscribers will be part of an amazing community interested in cryptocurrencies and speaking crypto language.

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