Bitwise launches Bitcoin ETF with innovative “Optimum Roll” strategy

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Bitwise Asset Management, the innovative company in the cryptocurrency industry, has launched the “Bitwise Bitcoin Strategy Optimum Roll ETF” under the symbol BITC, aimed at providing professional and organized investment opportunities for Bitcoin investors.

The fund uses the “Optimum Roll” strategy, which relies on selecting contracts that have the lowest level of variance (volatility) to achieve long-term returns and avoid pricing inefficiencies that may appear in futures-based investment funds in the front or next month.

According to the press release, this fund will provide professional investors with a regulated investment opportunity in Bitcoin through an ETF structure that is preferred by many financial advisors, after a study showed that ETF funds were the preferred investment method for 68% of financial advisors.

Bitwise chose this type of structuring because futures and derivatives strategies in other asset classes have performed better over time.

Investing in ETF funds linked to Bitcoin futures still poses risks for investors, unlike people who own direct Bitcoin in their private portfolios.

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