Bitcoin’s Hashrate Maintains Stability Above 400 EH/s Despite Extremely High Network Difficulty

    Bitcoin’s hashrate remains stable at over 400 EH/s despite the highly elevated network difficulty, reflecting the strength and sustainability of the network under challenging conditions.

    Bitcoin’s hashrate is one of the key indicators that reflect the strength and sustainability of the network. In recent weeks, the hashrate has managed to maintain a rate above 400 EH/s, despite the significantly high network difficulty.

    Network difficulty is a metric that determines the difficulty of producing new blocks in the Bitcoin network. As the network aims to produce new blocks approximately every 10 minutes, it adjusts the network difficulty based on the current hashrate. With an increase in hashrate, miners compete to find solutions for new blocks, leading to an increase in network difficulty.

    However, the stability of the hashrate above 400 EH/s reflects the strength and sustainability of the network under high challenges. With the rising network difficulty, it becomes difficult for new miners to enter the market and compete with existing miners. This confirms that the network is stable and maintains its security and stability.

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