Bitcoin Pre-ETF Price Volatility: Crash or $150K in 2025

    Bitcoin’s future hangs in the balance as the debate over the ETF launch intensifies. Analysts predict either a pre-ETF crash or a remarkable $150,000 peak in 2025. Explore the contrasting views, including Peter Schiff’s skepticism, and understand the market dynamics leading up to this pivotal moment.

    Bitcoin’s trajectory is uncertain as the impending ETF launch looms. Peter Schiff, a vocal critic, suggests a potential crash before the ETF approval, challenging the prevailing optimism. Recent highs near $37,000 sparked by ETF rumors hint at market expectations.

    In an X survey, respondents favored a “Buy and HODL” approach, but Schiff remains skeptical, foreseeing a crash before the launch.

    On a contrasting note, AllianceBernstein’s bullish prediction of a $150,000 peak in 2025 adds to the intrigue.

    The market’s response to ETF approval news is slowly unfolding, with potential disappointments in the short run. As Bitcoin’s journey unfolds, investors brace for volatility, unsure whether to buy the rumor or wait for the ETF fact.

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