Bitcoin on Track for Significant Surge in Next 18 Months

    Cryptocurrency analyst Will Clemente predicts a substantial rise in Bitcoin (BTC) over the next 18 to 24 months, citing positive on-chain signals and a comeback from the recent bear market. Key indicators include the realized market cap, stablecoin dynamics, and potential ETF approval driving institutional capital. Despite positive fundamentals, caution is advised as leverage-driven corrections may occur during the ascent.

    The crypto bear market has officially ended, with Bitcoin poised for a significant surge in the next 18 to 24 months, according to trading analyst Will Clemente. On-chain signals, such as the positive flip in the 180-day change in realized cap and the cost basis shift between short-term and long-term holders, indicate a resurgence in crypto inflows and a rebound for BTC. The rising realized cap demonstrates not only new money entering the market but also an increasing cost basis, allowing for higher trading prices without strongly incentivizing profit-taking.

    Stablecoin dynamics are contributing to this positive outlook, with the total market cap of dollar-pegged crypto showing a 90-day increase. This signals a growing investor appetite for synthetic dollars with easy access to the crypto market. Bitcoin’s recent climb to over $44,500, after months near $30,000, is attributed to various factors, including anticipated approval of multiple Bitcoin spot ETFs next month, paving the way for more institutional capital.

    While over 70% of Bitcoin’s circulating supply has remained unmoved for over a year, Clemente cautions that the ascent won’t be without challenges. Leverage-driven price corrections are expected along the way, a sentiment echoed by on-chain analyst James Check, who suggests a potential need for investors to take profits at current levels for a healthier market adjustment.

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