Bitcoin Miners Discovered 53,240 Blocks This Year

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As the new year approaches, more than a dozen bitcoin mining pools still dedicate a total of 238 exahash per second (EH/s) toward the Bitcoin blockchain in order to secure the network and reap mining rewards. Statistics indicate that the mining pool Foundry USA discovered the most block rewards this year, as the operation found 11,779 bitcoin blocks out of the 53,240 rewards mined during the last 365 days.

More Than 53K Bitcoin Block Rewards Discovered in 2022, Top Five Mining Pools Mined a Total of 39,545 Blocks
On Thursday, Dec. 22, 2022, metrics show that 53,240 blocks were mined this year and a total of 23 known mining pools discovered the block subsidies. Presently, bitcoin’s price and high mining difficulty rating are making it awfully hard for miners to profit at the end of the year.

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Data indicates that the average BTC mining cost according to metrics from is around $18,816 per unit, while BTC’s average spot market value in U.S. dollars is $16,800 per unit. The discrepancies between the cost of BTC production and BTC’s spot market value have been a tough reality for miners since mid-June 2022.

Prior to mid-June 2022, BTC’s spot market value was well above the average cost of production since mid-Nov. 2020. 12-month metrics show that in 2022, Foundry USA obtained the most blocks with 11,779 recorded.

lyerrrfggg678 760x428 1Three of those blocks were empty blocks, and Foundry’s block discovery indicates that it represented 22.12% of the network’s hashrate this year. 2022 was a good year for Antpool in terms of finding BTC blocks over the last 12 months.

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Antpool found 8,560 block rewards during the past 365 days and 22 of them were empty blocks. Antpool’s 12-month metrics show the pool’s hashrate this year represented 16.08% of the total network.

F2pool managed to hold down the third largest mining pool position in 2022 with 14.72% of the year’s total hashrate. F2pool gained a total of 7,837 out of the 53,240 blocks found and 28 were empty blocks.

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