Bitcoin is more appealing to gamers than NFTs

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According to a recent survey, a significant part of gamers are prepared to play if they are offered the chance to earn cryptocurrencies, even though others are against the integration of nonfungible tokens (NFT) for games.

Zeebedee, a fintech company, announced the findings of a study it conducted to gauge the exposure of American gamers to cryptocurrencies and their attitudes on blockchain gaming.

Researchers discovered that 67% of respondents would play free games more frequently if the games offered cryptocurrency prizes. 45% of poll respondents thought that trading game characters and stuff with other players had advantages, while 23% thought it would have a negative effect. 32% of respondents remained silent.

In addition to these findings, the study discovered that 27% of participants are interested in earning Bitcoin $17,783

just 5% of people are interested in getting NFTs from playing games. This shows that rather than only collecting NFTs, players in play-to-earn (P2E) games are more interested in getting BTC.

One of the survey’s key findings, according to Ben Cousens, chief strategy officer of Zeebedee, was that most players see cryptocurrency incentives favourably or unfavourably. The executive also mentioned that there was a lot of interest in Bitcoin. Cousens cited these facts:

“Despite the majority of the industry’s focus being on NFTs, we found that when contrasted against other cryptocurrencies, including NFTs, Bitcoin stands out as the most popular decentralised asset among gamers.”

Of the respondents that hold cryptocurrencies, the researchers found that 55% don’t hold cryptocurrencies. The rest holds either Bitcoin, ETH $1,326 . or Dogecoin $0.09

Another survey conducted in the meantime and released on July 15 found that one in three gamers are interested in adopting cryptocurrency in the metaverse. The survey showed that P2E gaming is popular; 40% of players said they wanted to play and earn money in the etaverse.

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