Bitcoin-fueled Traveler Reaches The Central African Republic

مسافر يعمل بوقود بيتكوين يصل إلى جمهورية إفريقيا الوسطى

Paco began using BTC after his friend gave me a copy of The Bitcoin Standard.
In June, he visited Zimbabwe for two days, beginning in the capital city of Bulawayo.
On his Bitcoin-fueled globe marathon, a fast runner has already traversed 19 of 40 nations. Paco de la India, also known as Paco the Runner, started off on his journey on September 17, 2021, with the help of all the Bitcoiners around the globe. It wasn’t until a close friend gave him a copy of The Bitcoin Standard that Paco began using Bitcoin (BTC) as his only means of support as he travelled the globe.

Through travel vlogs and social media updates, he chronicles the trip and all Bitcoin transactions. He has visited 19 countries so far and has been able to fund his trip entirely using bitcoin. He claims to solely use “cash for public transport.” The transition to Bitcoin exclusively has not been without its share of challenges, however.


In June, he visited Zimbabwe for two days, beginning in the capital city of Bulawayo. Paco, in the meanwhile, will continue his global running tour, during which he will spend sats meeting Bitcoiners and pre-coiners. Finally, he is now in The Central African Republic (CAR), which has lately been a crypto advocate.

The Run With Bitcoin tour is supported by donations from well-wishers on the go. It’s intriguing to see how he gets by, city to city, without a fixed plan for when or where he’ll sleep or eat. Paco attributes much of his success to Bitrefill for its donations, the global Bitcoin community, and the kind strangers he encounters along the way who provide him with food, shelter, transportation, and contacts.