Bitcoin ETF Surge: Blackrock’s IBIT Leads with 43% Share

    A surge in Bitcoin ETFs sees nine new players amassing 264,232 BTC, valued at $13.5 billion in just over five weeks. Blackrock's IBIT takes the lead with a 43% share, marking a significant shift in the cryptocurrency investment landscape.

    • $13.5B Accumulated: Nine new Bitcoin ETFs amass 264,232 BTC worth $13.5 billion in just over five weeks.
    • Blackrock Dominance: Blackrock’s IBIT ETF leads the pack with 43% share, holding 115,989.80 BTC.
    • Fidelity’s Significance: Fidelity’s FBTC secures 31.76% of total holdings with an impressive stash of 83,928.16 BTC.

    Bitcoin ETF Boom: A Rapid Accumulation

    In a swift 37-day span, newly introduced spot Bitcoin ETFs have collectively secured an impressive 264,232.74 BTC, valued at $13.5 billion. Blackrock’s IBIT ETF emerges as the frontrunner, claiming a substantial 43% share with 115,989.80 BTC.

    Top Players and Holdings

    Fidelity’s FBTC stands as a significant player, holding 31.76% of the total with an impressive 83,928.16 BTC. Blackrock and Fidelity lead the pack with holdings valued at $5.95 billion and $4.3 billion, respectively. Other players, like Ark Invest, Bitwise, Invesco Galaxy, Vaneck, Valkyrie, Franklin Templeton, and Wisdomtree, contribute to the remarkable surge in Bitcoin ETF holdings.

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