Bitcoin Advocates in Argentina Pitch Draft Bill to Safeguard Blockchain Decentralization

    Bitcoin Argentina unveils a proposed bill aiming to regulate the cryptocurrency market, emphasizing the need to preserve decentralization and bolster public trust. The draft, presented by Bitcoin Argentina’s president Ricardo Mihura, addresses concerns about dishonest actors in the blockchain space while rejecting an outright ban on cryptocurrencies in the face of global interconnectedness.

    Bitcoin Argentina, a non-government organization, has presented a groundbreaking draft bill at LABITCONF 2023 in Buenos Aires. The proposal, contrary to their previous stance, advocates for cryptocurrency market regulation to safeguard decentralization and enhance public trust.

    President Ricardo Mihura emphasized the necessity of accountability for bad actors within the industry, rejecting the notion of a blanket ban on cryptocurrencies. Mihura highlighted the global nature of blockchain, asserting that even powerful nations like the United States struggle to enforce such bans.

    In the midst of Argentina’s severe inflation crisis, the proposed bill seeks to strike a balance, ensuring legal measures against fraudulent activities while maintaining the integrity of the blockchain.

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