BIS Unveils 2024 Agenda: CBDC Privacy Testing and Tokenization Projects Take Center Stage

    BIS reveals its ambitious 2024 agenda, featuring advancements in CBDC privacy testing and a groundbreaking tokenization initiative. Explore the pivotal projects shaping the future of digital finance

    • BIS Roadmap: CBDC privacy testing advances to the next phase.
    • Tokenization Initiative: Project Promissa to pioneer digital tokenized promissory notes.
    • Collaborative Efforts: BIS partners with Swiss National Bank and World Bank for Project Promissa.
    • Global Advocacy: BIS remains a strong supporter of CBDCs, emphasizing their central role in digital innovation.

    BIS Sets Ambitious Agenda for 2024

    CBDC Privacy Testing Enters Next Phase The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) Innovation Hub is gearing up for a transformative year, announcing a series of groundbreaking initiatives in its 2024 work program. Notably, the central bank digital currency (CBDC) privacy testing will progress to the second phase, showcasing the BIS’s commitment to advancing financial technologies.

    Tokenization Takes Center Stage with Project Promissa

    In a significant move towards modernization, the BIS, in collaboration with the Swiss National Bank and the World Bank, will embark on Project Promissa. This pioneering initiative aims to develop a proof-of-concept platform for digital tokenized promissory notes, challenging the conventional paper-based norm prevalent in the financial system. The BIS envisions concluding the proof-of-concept by early 2025, marking a crucial step in the evolution of financial instruments.

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