Binance Expands Portfolio with New Assets and Launches BADGER Perpetual

    Explore Binance’s latest additions to its loanable assets and margin pairs, including GNO, AST, and ORDI. Additionally, dive into the details of Binance Futures’ new BADGERUSDT Perpetual Contract, offering 50x maximum leverage and dynamic features for traders.

    Binance continues its growth trajectory by incorporating GNO, AST, and ORDI into its loanable and borrowable assets. Traders can now explore Cross Margin and Isolated Margin options, with trading pairs like GNO/USDT, AST/USDT, RAY/USDT, SCRT/USDT, BADGER/USDT, MOVR/USDT, RAY/USDT, ORDI/USDT, and SCRT/USDT.

    BADGER Perpetual Contract Launch:

    Simultaneously, Binance Futures introduces its latest USDⓈ-M BADGER Perpetual Contract, featuring a maximum leverage of 50x and a funding rate capped at +2.00% / -2.00% every four hours. Traders can leverage Multi-Assets Mode to trade the BADGERUSDT Perpetual Contract across various margin assets, with Binance’s dynamic approach adapting to market risk conditions.

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