Before launching, Hong Kong crypto futures ETFs raise over $70 million.

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A CME Group executive named Tim McCourt claims that the listing of the ETFs demonstrates “increasing client demand for exposure to Bitcoin and Ether.” According to McCourt, the launch of the funds could present both institutional and retail investors with fresh opportunities.

A CSOP executive named Yi Wang told Reuters in an interview that trading the ETF offers more protections than trading tokens on unregulated platforms. Wang clarified:

In comparison to tokens traded on unregulated platforms, there are more regulatory safeguards for investors with ETFs because they don’t invest in physical Bitcoin and are traded on regulated U.S. and Hong Kong exchanges.

The executive also stated that despite the “liquidity issues” affecting some crypto platforms, the developments relating to the two crypto futures ETFs show that Hong Kong is still open-minded when it comes to the development of virtual assets.

The Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), a Hong Kong regulatory body, declared on October 31 that it would permit the listing of ETFs linked to Bitcoin and Ether futures. When a TF hits, there are three issues to be aware of. a: :.. a record.: : and a TF experience, a track a TF experience,

Hong Kong appears to be aiming for the legalisation of cryptocurrency trading, unlike China. On Oct. 21, the special administrative region is considering the establishment of its own crypto bill, distinguishing itself from the approach of mainland China, where a blanket crypto ban is imposed.

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