Axie Infinity Co-Founder Says Blockchain Game Plans to Launch a Decentralized Exchange


Sky Mavis, the team that created the Ethereum-powered non-fungible token (NFT) game Axie Infinity, revealed the project plans to launch a decentralized exchange (dex), according to the company’s co-founder Jeff Zirlin during a podcast with Frank Chaparro. Moreover, Axie Infinity recently captured over $2 billion in NFT sales, making it the second-largest project in terms of NFT sales, just below the marketplace Opensea.

Axie Infinity Plans to Launch a Dex Platform
The Axie Infinity economy has swelled exponentially during the last few months, as the Ethereum-powered game has seen $2.27 billion in all-time sales among 687,495 traders. While the project offers an in-game experience with NFTs, Axie Infinity also has two native token assets. The token asset axie infinity (AXS) has increased 55.4% in value during the last month. Meanwhile, year-to-date, Axie Infinity’s other native token smooth love potion (SLP) is up 98.7% against the U.S. dollar.

Jeff Zirlin appeared on the podcast The Scoop in episode 61 with host Frank Chaparro and he revealed that Sky Mavis was creating a decentralized exchange (dex) platform.

“The broad idea behind Axie is to introduce the world to a kind of scary and fun, exciting new technology, blockchain through something that’s relatable and nostalgic,” Zirlin explained. “So Axie’s are similar to Pokemon or Tamagotchi, these things we grew up with, you can battle them, collect them, you can breed them. Also even play games with them to earn cryptocurrencies with real value.”