Availability of the Most Recent Trademark Applications in the Metaverse

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The most recent crypto trademark applications from Fidelity Investments were made public by Mike Kondoudis, a licensed trademark attorney, on December 27.

Three applications that cover virtual land, cryptocurrency trading, NFTs and marketplaces, and Metaverse technologies and services were submitted.

The first deals with NFTs and digital media, and the second is the establishment of an online market for NFT sales.


Fidelity Searches for Crypto Trademarks
It appears that Fidelity prefers to make use of existing Metaverse services over creating new ones. The third trademark application covered electronic bill payment in the Metaverse and other virtual worlds, mutual fund investment services, retirement fund investment services, investment management, and financial planning.

Additionally mentioned are cryptocurrency trading, wallets, storage, and custody services. The application filing covered pretty much the entire range of cryptocurrency topics.

One of the biggest pension providers in the United States, Fidelity, started allowing investors to include Bitcoin in their pension plans earlier this year. Elizabeth Warren and other anti-crypto policymakers were enraged by the move and urged the company to back off, citing the same stale concerns about risks and money laundering.

The cryptocurrency division of the asset manager, Fidelity Digital Assets, started allowing retail customers to invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum in November. Despite this year’s bear market, the firm is obviously still interested in the asset class and related web3 technologies.

International banking behemoth HSBC submitted trademark applications for its name and logo on December 23.

Risk to Metave

الإخلاص لإدخال Metaverse مع أحدث تطبيقات العلامات التجارية

rse Tokens
Tokens connected to the Metaverse have been hit harder by the bear market than popular assets like BTC and ETH.

The bears have been rough on popular Metaverse tokens like Axie Infinity (AXS), The Sandbox (SAND), and Decentraland (MANA).

AXS is currently trading at $6.84, down 96% from its record high of $165 set in November 2021. Additionally, SAND is down to $0.442 from its peak of $8.40 in the same month, a decline of 94.7%. The price of Decentraland’s MANA is currently $0.326, having dropped 94.4% in the previous year.

Enjin Coin (ENJ), Render (RNDR), and Magic (MAGIC), three other gaming and Metaverse tokens, have all experienced steep declines from their peaks.

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