Authorities in the Philippines free alleged victims of a “crypto trafficking ring”

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The accused victims of a “crypto trafficking ring,” who were hired to work at a call center in Cambodia and con people out of their cryptocurrency, were rescued, according to Philippine authorities.

The authorities are also looking into any government workers who may have helped organized crypto trafficking rings.

‘Crypto trafficking ring’ alleged victims rescued

According to the Philippine government-owned news agency, the travel control and enforcement unit (TCEU) of the Philippine Bureau of Immigration (BI) stated on Friday that it had rescued six suspected victims of a “cryptocurrency trafficking ring.”

According to Bureau of Immigration Commissioner Norman Garcera Tansingco, BI officials detained the alleged victims on January 15 as they were preparing to board a flight to Phnom Penh.

The commissioner noted that these travelers had bogus return tickets and claimed that when questioned by BI officials, they provided “inconsistent responses,” which “generated suspicions that they were just masquerading as tourists but their intention is to work overseas.”

They eventually acknowledged that they were hired via Facebook and will be working in a call center in Cambodia.

Tansingco promised to take legal action against any BI personnel connected to criminal crypto trafficking organizations.

When asked if the syndicates involved in human trafficking in Cambodia and Myanmar were connected to this case of crypto trafficking, she acknowledged: “That’s what bothers us.

Crypto crime gangs have been enlisting unknowing victims to work in call centers, especially in Asian nations, and scamming people on dating apps and social media.

One of the most typical occupations for victims of human trafficking is “pig butchering,” a kind of cryptocurrency scam.

Authorities in the United States have frequently warned that the pig-butchering cryptocurrency fraud is surging in popularity.

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