Auradine Redefines Bitcoin Mining Efficiency with Teraflux Miners

    Auradine’s groundbreaking Teraflux AT2880 and AI3680 bitcoin miners set new efficiency standards, boasting rates as low as 15 J/T and a maximum output of 375 TH/s. Explore how these innovations position Auradine at the forefront of the bitcoin mining industry.

    Auradine, the California-based tech company, has unveiled the Teraflux AT2880 and AI3680 bitcoin miners, pushing efficiency boundaries with rates between 15 and 16 J/T and a remarkable 375 TH/s output.

    In a recent announcement, Auradine’s CEO, Rajiv Khemani, emphasized their commitment to advancing sustainability and economic viability post the 2024 bitcoin halving.

    The AT2880, air-cooled and delivering 260 TH/s, rivals competitors while the immersion-cooled AI3680 sets a new efficiency record at 15 J/T, currently the market’s lowest.

    Auradine’s Teraflux series not only establishes technological supremacy but also promotes a North American blockchain economy by providing a robust alternative to foreign ASICs.

    Backed by key figures at US Bitcoin Corp. and Marathon Digital Holdings, Auradine anticipates shipping the AT2880 and AI3680 in Q2 2024, with production scaling up in Q3 2024.

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