Antpool Overtakes Foundry in November’s Bitcoin Mining Marathon

    Antpool claims the top spot in Bitcoin mining hashrate for November, surpassing long-time leader Foundry. The battle for dominance unfolds as Antpool mines 27.46% of the month’s blocks, edging out Foundry in a close competition.

    In a surprising turn of events, Antpool has outpaced Foundry USA in the November Bitcoin mining race. Foundry, a stalwart in the mining pool arena, has consistently led the hashrate charts over the past year. However, Antpool’s recent surge has shifted the landscape.

    Throughout November, Antpool took charge of the mining scene, uncovering 1,218 out of 4,436 blocks, claiming 27.46% of the global hashrate. This marks a marginal lead over Foundry, which secured 1,216 blocks at 27.41%. Notably, Antpool played a significant role in mining 12 out of the 16 empty blocks during this period.

    The battle intensified over a recent three-day span, where Antpool and Foundry went head-to-head. Antpool mined 126 blocks, establishing a three-day average hashrate of 29.51%, while Foundry trailed slightly with 114 blocks and a 26.70% hashrate.

    Despite Antpool’s November victory, the all-time rankings by reveal that it still trails F2pool in the total number of blocks mined. F2pool leads with a lifetime total of 82,410 blocks, while Antpool follows closely behind with 79,990 blocks, constituting 9.76% of all blocks mined. Foundry, with an overall block count of 30,684, holds 3.75% of the total, placing it behind other mining pools like, Braiins (formerly Slush), Viabtc, and the now-defunct Btc Guild.

    However, Foundry’s dominance is evident in the yearly statistics, contributing 30.36% to the total blocks mined in 2022 and 2023. During this period, Foundry mined 16,335 blocks, surpassing Antpool’s 12,041 blocks, which made up 22.38% of the total. F2pool secured the third position, mining 7,316 blocks, accounting for 13.60% of the year’s total.

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