Altcoins Countdown: Unlocking Hundreds of Millions in February

    Brace for impact as February unveils a cascade of altcoin token unlocks, injecting hundreds of millions into the crypto market. From Aptos to AVAX, discover which coins are set to make waves, and how these releases might reshape the crypto landscape.

    • Aptos (APT): Releasing 7.35% of total supply worth $240M in 8 days.
    • SAND (Sandbox): Unlocking $90M in 10 days.
    • APE, MANTA, ROSE: Releasing approximately $20M each in 13, 14, and 15 days.
    • AVAX (Avalanche): The largest unlock at $340M in 18 days.

    Unlocking Altcoin Treasures: The Countdown Begins In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies, February brings forth a significant event – the unlocking of hundreds of millions of tokens across various altcoins. These token unlocks, often triggers for price fluctuations, are set to impact several coins with substantial market capitalizations.

    Aptos (APT) Leading the Charge Aptos, with data from Token Unlocks, is slated to release 7.35% of its total supply, valued at approximately $240 million, within the next eight days. This move sets the stage for potential market shifts, as experienced entities navigate the impact on supply and demand dynamics.

    Diverse Unlocks: SAND, APE, MANTA, ROSE, and AVAX The countdown continues with SAND, the native currency of the Sandbox ecosystem, unlocking $90 million in ten days. Following suit, APE, MANTA, and ROSE are set to release around $20 million each, contributing to the unfolding narrative over the next two weeks. Notably, the largest unlock looms ahead with AVAX, where Avalanche will unleash a staggering $340 million worth of AVAX in approximately 18 days.

    As the crypto community anticipates these unlocks, the resilience of these altcoins in the face of market dynamics remains to be seen.

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