Alexander Vinnik of BTC-e requests release on bail due to a delayed trial

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Alexander Vinnik, the suspected owner of the cryptocurrency exchange BTC-e, has asked to be released on bail because of the holdup in the legal process.

The Russian IT expert was extradited to the United States in early August to answer to charges of money laundering through the since shut down cryptocurrency trading network.

Vinnik’s Defense Requests Bail for His Release After Months in U.S.

According to Russian media, cryptocurrency inventor Alexander Vinnik has asked to be released on bail due to the length of his trial.

His lawyers have noted that despite the fact that he has been in American custody for more than three months, the necessary court documents have not been given by the appropriate American authorities.

According to information posted in the federal court papers website for the Northern District of California on Friday, Vinnik’s defense team is requesting that all trial-related documents be submitted within 60 days.

According to the appeal, Alexander Vinnik feels that he should be granted bail or the opportunity to exercise his right to a speedy trial because the United States government has failed to uphold its promise to submit evidence in this case.

The French judicial system also requested his extradition, thus Greek officials chose to deliver him to France first in 2019.

He was deported back to Greece this past summer and immediately extradited to the US after serving his sentence there.

Later that month, according to Russian media, who cited his record on the Santa Rita Jail in California, where he was being held, he had been rejected for release on bail.

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