Acorns app hires former Amazon exec, affirms crypto investing is coming


In preparation for its IPO, Acorns investing and saving application has hired a former Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) executive to run its daily operations, according to the firm’s CEO, Noah Kerner, who spoke with CNBC.

David Hijirida, who had worked as a strategy consultant for traditional banks on top of spending 12 years at Amazon handling worldwide payments and advertising, is set to be announced by the firm on Wednesday.

During a phone conversation, Kerner noted that David had a wealth of expertise in both financial services, operations, and product development skills combined to make him a valuable asset.

Hijirada’s hiring will allow the CEO to focus on the company’s future products and branding and implement his vision for the fintech firm. Currently, Acorns has more than 4 million paying customers and wants to achieve 10 million subscribers by 2025, Kerner added.