About Us

CryptoZi is a financial market news platform founded in 2021 that provides real-time data, an independent digital media source covering a wide range of news about Blockchain technology, in terms of currency news, corporate news, exchanges news, mining, currency analysis, economic news.
Our team delivers the latest and most accurate news from the decentralized and centralized worlds

Cryptozi is interested in collecting and translating news about cryptocurrencies and blockchain as soon as it is issued from its official source, so that the Arab reader can have direct access to what is going on around him in the astronomy of digital currencies and their platforms and ways and methods of investing and speculating in them

Our goal is to educate and guide the Arab investor and make him aware of what is going on around him in this completely new world.

We are looking at Cryptozy to reach the world and make Cryptozy the number one source for news of cryptocurrency and platforms