Abkhazia Seizes 6,000 Mining Devices but Fails to Disrupt Crypto Mining


Authorities in Abkhazia have confiscated thousands of mining machines, closing down all large crypto farms, yet they have admittedly failed to put an end to illegal mining operations. The breakaway republic of Georgia has been struggling with power shortages blamed on underground miners.

30,000 Rigs Remain in the Hands of Miners, Government Says

In recent years, a growing number of people in Abkhazia, a partially-recognized de facto state in the South Caucasus, have turned to cryptocurrency mining as an alternative income source. However, the government of the Russia-backed republic has targeted the energy-intensive process as a major cause of the territory’s growing electricity deficit.

A temporary ban on mining activities and hardware imports was introduced back in 2018 and extended this spring until March 31, 2022. But officials in Sukhumi have recently admitted their efforts to impose the restrictions throughout the region have largely proved unsuccessful.